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Empowering you to contribute towards a cure.

The missing link for neuroblastoma cancer breakthrough is you.

The path to a cure starts with you.

Use your child's health data to help discover new therapies and make possible clinical trials that matter.


You Are Now the Driver

Clinical research and trials offer patients opportunities to new therapies, excellent access to care, and the opportunity to restore quality of life. In a system that has often relied on the hope that doctors will make patients aware of trials; that is no longer the case.

With access and consent to control health data, you are empowered to be found and seek out trials and research opportunities that will make a difference.


It Starts with YOU

Together we can change how cures and treatments are developed so that they are designed for you, the patient. With breakthrough technologies such as the HealthReady patient app, a network of open-minded and dedicated researchers, and motivated patients/caregivers like you, we can redesign how treatments and therapies for neuroblastoma are researched and developed. All you simply need to do is utilize the app to manage your health data and consent to be found by clinical researchers working on studies that will make a difference in tackling this disease.

Make Health Data Work for You

For The Clinical Researcher

One of the biggest issues clinical researchers face when formulating study design for terminal and rare disease cures is access to validated and verified patient data from a willing pool of participants. CURE Chain and HealthReady are bringing a revolutionary solution to Neuroblastoma researchers to enable open access to qualified and willing participants and overall develop more efficacious and effective treatments and cures for this disease.


Your participation will directly impact the neuroblastoma research landscape.


A Revolutionary Product

We are pioneering open research platform that will allow users to agnostically and anonymously provide access to their valuable healthcare data, which will then be used by researchers to vastly accelerate treatments and cures for pediatric cancer.

The partnership of CURE Chain, founded by The Beckley Foundation, and HealthReady, a patient-driven clinical research platform, is the complete solution to all of these problems.

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